Proper aftercare is important in order for the tattoo to heal well and keep looking its best. Since you are wearing my art on your skin, I expect that you take good care of it. I've had clients post Facebook pictures of themselves swimming in the ocean the day after a tattoo session, and I consider this attitude completely unacceptable.

The following advice is based on my years of experience, consulting with other tattoo artists and also trying different ways of taking care of my own tattoos. Please don't look to Internet forums for advice on tattoo aftercare. An experienced tattoo artist is the right person to ask if you have any questions.

How your tattoo will look when it's fully healed, is up to you. Please read the following instructions carefully, and follow them when you get home.

    • Keep the plastic wrap on for the first 4 hours after your session. A fresh tattoo will secrete blood and pigment, which you don't want to get on your clothes or furniture. Touching a fresh tattoo with dirty hands also puts you at risk of infections.
    • Once the plastic wrap has been removed, you must wash the tattoo several times a day with antibacterial soap. You should keep this up for 2–3 weeks, until the tattoo is fully healed. Make sure the soap is 100 % natural, and doesn't contain any perfume. When you're on the go, baby wipes are a good option for cleaning the tattoo. Always wash your hands before cleaning.
    • For the first 5 days of healing, you must apply moisturising ointment to the tattoo after washing it. The ointment will keep your skin soft, which is important because dry skin is prone to cracking, risking permanent damage to the tattoo. A good ointment will also enhance the healing process. Ask your pharmacist what ointments they recommend for tattoo aftercare. I personally use Helosan or Bepanthen.
    • Avoid wearing tight clothes, and don't sleep on the tattoo.
    • Avoid swimming, both in the ocean and in swimming pools, and don't take baths. Showers are fine, as long as they are quick and the water is not too hot. My love of long showers actually ruined one of my own tattoos.
    • For the first 2 weeks, do not go to the gym, as most gyms are breeding grounds for germs and bacteria.
    • Unfortunately, the sun is your new tattoo's worst enemy. For the first 3 weeks of healing, please keep the tattoo away from direct sunlight. It may damage the skin and pigment, make the colours fade and disturb the healing process. Use high factor sun block when you're out and about. Even when the tattoo is fully healed, I recommend using sun block whenever it's exposed.

I hope you understand the importance of tattoo aftercare. The better you take care of your inked skin, the better the final result will be!



Equipment and safety

Safety first! I’ve got safety and hygiene certificates from Norway and Poland.

When it comes to equipment, I’m a total nerd. I love to buy new machines and supplies to make my work better and more efficient.

At this time, I use the new Inkjecta Nano filer V, which I got from Australia before they started selling it in Europe. My inks of choice are Organic Fusion INK, which have been the best on the market for over 15 years, and INTENZE, which features an amazing set up of colours and bright, thick ink.

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